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woman holding hair facing body of water during daytime

Interestingly our hair can hold valuable information about our overall health and in some cases can provide the ‘missing piece’ in the pursuit of wellness.   

HTMA provides a report on a number of elements. Research shows us that deficiencies of essential trace elements or excessive amounts of heavy metals in the human body can cause significant health effects.

Environmental pollution is (without being alarmist) everywhere… from our air, water, food, personal care products, medications, dental restorations etc. Our bodies have inbuilt detoxification pathways, such as the liver, however with excess or continual exposure accumulation can occur.   

Hair analysis provides a safe, non-invasive and reliable screen for physiological excess, deficiency or maldistribution of elements. Presentations that may be correlated with mineral imbalance and or toxic metal excess include learning difficulties, aberrant behaviour, depression, fatigue, poor memory and cognition, just to name a select few. Like all tests it is best interpreted alongside dietary intake, lifestyle, occupation, family history, physical examination and symptom picture.

With unavoidable toxic metals in the environment and widespread mineral deficiencies, assessment of element imbalances and excesses has become an increasingly important tool in the assessment of existing health conditions where further investigation is required.