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“New science is going to return us to Ancient Wisdom”
– Bruce Lipton.



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Welcome to the Naturopath’s House.

I am a degree qualified naturopath drawing on the inspiration and knowledge imparted from both traditional healers and current educators of today.  

This career path was solidified for me when a naturopath set me on the road to recovery when I was in the absolute depths of chronic health issues in my late teens. Needless to say, since this time, health has been an absolute priority and something I am actively grateful for each day.   

The Naturopath’s House has been created to help people on their paths to wellness as I was helped on mine. My home clinic space has been created so you can sit down, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a cuppa tea whilst we discuss all things your health.  

I am looking forward to meeting you.  

Supporting your wellbeing, 


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Naturopathic medicine is rooted in 6 principles of healing including:

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic healthcare approach that emphasises natural remedies and lifestyle modifications to support the body's innate healing abilities. Naturopaths work to assess individual health needs and address the root cause of illness.

The foundational goal of this approach is to promote overall health and well-being by encouraging the body's natural healing processes.

Naturopathy as a practice has deep roots in traditional medicine.

Our 5 Step Approach


Getting to know you, your health journey, and your wellness goals.

Upon the booking process you will have the opportunity to complete a detailed initial intake form.

This process allows you to share your health journey thus far, your chief health concerns as well as your long-term ideal wellness goals. This process also allows me to best prepare for our time together.  


Connecting the dots between your primary health concerns and other key body systems.

In consultation we will thoroughly discussion your medical history and current health concerns. From here we can review other relevant body systems as well as diet and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your health status.

By understanding the interplay between different systems and associated influencing factors, we can gain insights into potential imbalances to be addressed.  


Gaining invaluable insight into your health picture through a physical examination. 

After discussing your health in detail we will complete a physical examination. This includes: Iridology, which involves reviewing the colour, texture, markings and patterns in the iris; a tongue examination, reviewing the shape, coating, cracks, and/or changes in texture; and lastly the nails, reviewing the colour, texture and markings visible. Each sign observed may reveal potential body organs and/or systems that need extra support as well nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances.  


Creating a customised treatment plan to support you. 

At the conclusion of the consultation, I will create an individualised health plan to address your unique needs and goals.

Often one or more of the following may be recommended: Nutritional advice, lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine, mineral therapy, flower essences and/or functional testing. 


Another 1:1 check in

After our initial consultation a follow up consultation is often recommended in 4-6 weeks’ time. This give us the chance to evaluate how well the treatment plan is working, identify any positive changes and address any areas that may require modification or further attention.

The ultimate goal is to make a plan to support you in maintaining health gains beyond the initial treatment phase with a focus on sustaining health long term.  

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Autism (ASD): A Holistic View

As a species, we are neurodiverse, meaning multiple neurocognitive styles are represented. There is a wide range of ways that people perceive, interact, and respond to the world, and there is no 'correct' or 'incorrect' way to do so. ASD is a wide spectrum, multifactorial by nature, and when it comes to a wellness plan, there is no one-size-fits-all. And it is in these exact scenarios that natural medicine has much to offer – holistic, integrative and client-centred.
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Lymphatic Love

Ways to care for your lymphatic system include; staying hydrated with clean filtered water, moving your body with exercise you enjoy, taking up a breath-work practise, ditching restrictive clothing and underwear (goodbye underwire bra!) and learning a lymphatic brush or massage sequence (this practice generally takes 2-5 mins daily and can be hugely impactful!).
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Osteoporosis: For the Love of Bones

Taking a naturopathic approach to osteoporosis involves understanding the interconnectedness of factors affecting bone health. Reflecting of some of the above-mentioned considerations, when we improve the nutrient density of diet, correct nutritional deficiencies, identify and remove toxicities, get outside in the sunlight, move the body intentionally and then provide individualised recommendations as required we can start to create an environment that is supportive of not only the bones, but entire body and overall quality of life.
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Earthing For Health

“Research on biological grounding is now suggesting that this very same electric charge on the planet’s surface plays a governing and nurturing role for both the animal and plant kingdoms—a form of electric nutrition, so to speak. It appears to have the potential to restore, normalize, and stabilize the internal environment of the human body’s countless bioelectrical systems that govern the functions of organs, tissues, cells, and biological rhythms.” (Sinatra et al 2018)
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woman holding hair facing body of water during daytime

The Hair Tissue Mineral Advantage

Interestingly our hair can hold valuable information about our overall health and in some cases can provide the ‘missing piece’ in the pursuit of wellness.    HTMA provides a report on a number of elements. Research shows us that deficiencies of essential trace elements or excessive amounts of heavy metals in the human body can cause significant health effects.
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Restoring Gut Health, and Beyond

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine famously said, “all dis-ease begins in the gut”.   It is not uncommon for people to live with a myriad of digestive disturbances including IBS, SIBO, reflux, food sensitivities, chronic gas and bloating, just to name a few. These conditions often disrupting one’s daily quality of life
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Low Thyroid function: A New Perspective

Hypothyroidism is a state in which the body is not producing enough thyroid hormones or is not able to respond to and/or utilize existing thyroid hormones properly. Key signs and symptoms include fatigue, poor concentration, depression, moderate weight gain, menstrual irregularities, cool extremities, dry skin and hair loss.
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Demystifying Iron Deficiency

Iron is the most abundant essential trace element in the human body. It facilitates numerous functions, some of which include: Haemoglobin and myoglobin production (proteins in the red blood cells that transport oxygen) Selected enzyme functions (specifically involved in cellular growth, DNA synthesis, hormone synthesis and neurotransmitter synthesis)
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Glyphosate, Gluten and Gut Health

Gluten has been a hot topic since celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity diagnoses have increased in recent years. It is worth noting the increase in cases correlates with the increased use and prevalence of glyphosate and glyphosate GM crops.
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