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Hi, I'm Amanda, and as you're about to see, I'm very passionate about brands and how they shape and influence our everyday lives.

Starting my career in 2010, I was always intrigued by how particular brands could dominate industries and have such powerful impressions on people, shaping their perceptions and influencing their buying decisions.

It was my mission to discover their 'trade secrets' and by 2013 I had organically moved from the world of graphic design into the mindset of a brand strategist.

If I can be honest, this was not something I learnt out of a textbook or even through my design diploma course. It was a burning passion I had and that I knew my clients needed. Through years of operating my own company and working with hundreds of clients from various industries, I committed myself to daily research and study of successful brands. By doing so I was able to develop a process for brand strategies, designed to empower the business owner and build a foundation from the right resources.

I now specialise in working with entrepreneurs, CEO's & Directors with a vision to deliver strategic creative solutions across all elements of their brand.

Using specialised industry techniques, I’ve worked with many companies to create strategies that elevate their business, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and increase their bottom line.

My work is very personal; it’s not only a reflection of you and your business but a reflection of my own brand. I take the time to understand my clients, their business, and their target market to create a truly unique, trustworthy and professional service.

My work has helped my clients to achieve astonishing results, enabling brands to professionally enter international markets, and achieve six and seven-figure turnovers.

But enough about me - I’d love to get to know you and your business, so let’s talk!


Currently, you can find me leading the creative team at MFL Creative. In July 2019, I was approached by the MFL Group and offered an opportunity to open a creative arm within the group, to support its existing businesses as well as starting and building our own within the branding space. After some heavy consideration and a few cups of tea, I decided it was time for a new challenge and welcomed the team environment.



Acessibili-t Association

I am a Board Member with Accessibili-t, assisting with advice, marketing and branding of their charitable organization.

Member of the Board of Directors for Accessibili-t

2017 - Present


AWIB Advisor

I am an official Advisor for Advancing Women in Business (AWIB)

Proudly partnered with Advancing Women In Business

2019 - Present


AWIB Advisor

I am an official Advisor for Advancing Women in Business (AWIB)

Proudly partnered with ASBAS Queensland

2019 - Present


Business Mentor

Mentoring business owners on brand strategies and how to manage and maintain a successful brand.

Proudly partnered with Hot & Healthy Australia

2020 - Present