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Lymphatic Love

woman in white bath towel holding her hair

Ways to care for your lymphatic system include; staying hydrated with clean filtered water, moving your body with exercise you enjoy, taking up a breath-work practise, ditching restrictive clothing and underwear (goodbye underwire bra!) and learning a lymphatic brush or massage sequence (this practice generally takes 2-5 mins daily and can be hugely impactful!).

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Osteoporosis: For the Love of Bones

grayscale photography of animal bone

Taking a naturopathic approach to osteoporosis involves understanding the interconnectedness of factors affecting bone health. Reflecting of some of the above-mentioned considerations, when we improve the nutrient density of diet, correct nutritional deficiencies, identify and remove toxicities, get outside in the sunlight, move the body intentionally and then provide individualised recommendations as required we can start to create an environment that is supportive of not only the bones, but entire body and overall quality of life.

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